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1.Net Capital June 30 2016
2.Net Capital Dec 31 2016
3.Net Capital June 30 2017
4.Net Capital Dec 31 2017
5.Net Capital June 30 2018
6.Net Capital December 31 2018
7.Net Capital June 30 2019
8.Net Capital December 31 2019
9.Net Capital June 30 2020
1.NCB JUL 2018
2.NCB AUG 2018
3.NCB SEP 2018
4.NCB OCT 2018
5.NCB NOV 2018
6.NCB DEC 2018
7.NCB JAN 2019
8.NCB FEB 2019
9.NCB MAR 2019
10.NCB APR 2019
11.NCB MAY 2019

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